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Import of chemicals

Are you searching for chemicals or products that are not commonly on the market?

Our main aim is the import of made to measure chemicals. We can manage to provide you with chemicals that are hard to obtain both on the home and foreign markets. Our complex solution/service let your hands free – we will take care of the whole agenda and you do not have to do a single thing.

We import tailored chemicals from the whole world. We cooperate with the suppliers from the USA and China besides the European countries. The made to measure chemical synthesis is just another item on the list we can deliver no matter the amount; you can ask for a few grams or even kilos.

We are able to provide you with any kind of consumable supplies or specialties, which are not available on the Czech market.

All the products are accompanied with the proper certificates guaranteeing the quality and purity as well.  Further analyses are attached in the delivered documentation. We also deal with customs and shipping.

To our clients, we offer the best service on the market:

  • After your demand, within 3 days we will send you the complete offer including the final price, terms of delivery and further details (purity, certificates, etc.)
  • After sending your binding order, we will deliver you the goods in a package including the invoice as soon as possible. We have sorted out many of the situations when the clients were asking for chemicals for several months, and we have supplied them with these products within two weeks.

We sell the goods at the best possible prices.

We believe we can be helpful to your needs. / We believe we can satisfy your needs.

Are you interested in our services?

Then, contact directly our executive director of the company Ing. Kryštof Šigut, or use our form. We guarantee you quick service and an answer within 24 hours.


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Chemicals and laboratory equipment

Santiago's laboratory equipment specializes in the synthesis of custom-made compounds, the bulk purchase of chemical raw materials and the import of chemical specialties for primary academic research.

Did not find what you are looking for for your lab?


Import of specialty chemicals

The initial object of interest - the synthesis of custom-made organic specialties - has expanded through the import of specialty chemicals for industrial purposes to the supply of consumer goods for chemical laboratories.

Thanks to professional expertise, we can help you find the most specific products that are not explicitly found on our Internet

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Phone.: +420 776 750 591
Fax: +420 227 203 670

We operate throughout the Czech Republic.