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Melting point apparatus with microscope

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Kofler melting point apparatus is used to detect a melting point of a measured substance. It can be found in pharmaceutical, chemical and textile industries.

The sample, in which we are interested in the melting point and the melting process, is heated on the slide with a built-in heater. The target temperature and sample heating rate can be set using controllers on the control panel.

In order to monitor the melting process you can use the microscope with an eyepiece, which is a part of the Kofler hot-stage microscopy. The temperature is read from the digital display on the instrument's control panel.

The main advantages of the Kofler point microscope compared to the ones with capillaries are as follows:

1. Optical magnification of the Kofler microscope allows very precise monitoring of the melting of individual crystals on the hour glass and the melting process, whereas in the batch where the sample is placed in the capillary, only the phase transition (melting) of the capillary content can be observed during heating.

2. Easy manipulation of the sample – the measured specimen is placed on the hourglass, so there is no intricate step of placing the specimen into the capillary.

3. The speed of measurement - the rate of heating of the sample can be regulated by a rotary switch, the instrument is equipped with a quick-cooling fan, so it is possible to measure a series of samples very quickly, or to repeat the measurement.


Operating temperature range:

From room temperature to 320 ° C

• up to 200 ° C: ± 1%
• from 200 to 300 ° C: ± 2%


• Lens - 4x
• Eyepiece - 10 x

Weight: 3.5 kg
Dimensions: 300 mm × 220 mm × 440 mm

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